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12 DIPS.
12 MEN.


12 MARCH 2023.

What is the 12 dip challenge?

12 Men in the UK tragically die every single day to suicide - Together with groups like the Surf Soul Searchers, Lads & Dads are working to change this and to raise awareness we set a challenge of 12 Cold Water Dips in 12 different locations in 12 hours all across south and west Wales during the coldest months of the year!

Have we done this before?


Last year (2022) we completed our first 12 dip challenge which saw many Men & Women brave the cold in order to raise awareness of the devastating statistics that 12 men on average each day in the UK decide they cannot go on and take their own lives.

How can i take part?

If you are a Male and over 18 years old you can apply to join our facebook page here To find more information.

Alternatively if you are not a male or do not use facebook please use the contact us form found at the bottom of this page.

The 12 dips challenge will take place on the 12th March 2023

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