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As well as running a 900 member-strong group, we arrange various activities and events throughout the year.


Our Facebook group boasts 900 active members who offer one other advice and support to get through daily struggles. From dealing with grief, to debt advice and even family-courts, there is no subject untouched. None of our members are professionals, just men who have been through it themselves.

For those who need additional support, we have teamed up with Mental Health Matters Wales, who have qualified professionals on hand to provide support where needed.

In addition, we support various local organisations as well as organise events to get our members more involved and feel part of something special.


Every Sunday, no matter if its rain or shine, you will find a selection of our members taking an hour out of their day for some water therapy by taking a plunge in the sea on one of our local beaches.


Come along to one of our local group sessions where we discuss the stigmas around mental health and how we can all help each other. We also invite guest speakers to share their experiences and advice.

Allotment Work

We have access to two local allotments that we regularly maintain. This is a great way to get some fresh air and meet like minded members. We're always looking for new volunteers.


During the footballing season, we organise 'friendly' matches with other men's mental health groups from across South Wales. If you fancy a kickabout and want to get out of the house for a few hours, let us know.


In a post-pandemic world, the food pantry is a lifeline for many families. Each week Lads & Dads help transport the much need supplies across the Bridgend County. 


You'll often find us at community events for schools and sports clubs, engaging with young men and encouraging them to speak freely about mental health.