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An MBE to remember!

Celebrating David Heyburn: A Historic Milestone for NHS Wales and Lads & Dads

Today we are thrilled to celebrate David Heyburn, a remarkable individual who has recently been honoured with an MBE(Member of the Order of the British Empire)for his outstanding services to NHS Wales. Notably, this recognition holds special significance as it is part of King Charles III’s first honours list, marking a historic milestone. Beyond his contributions as a Head of Operations - Infection services for Microbiology Wales, David's dedication to improving men's mental well-being through the Lads & Dads initiative is equally commendable. Join us as we congratulate David on this well-deserved honour and reflect on his invaluable work.

David Heyburn, as Head of Operations in Infection services for Microbiology within NHS Wales, has made significant contributions to the field. His expertise and leadership have played a vital role in ensuring the delivery of crucial services and advancing microbiology practices. Through his dedication and diligence, David has had a positive impact on patient care and public health.

Receiving an MBE is an extraordinary achievement, and David's recognition in the English King's first honours list adds an extra layer of significance.

David's commitment to addressing men's mental health challenges through the Lads & Dads

initiative demonstrates his passion for holistic well-being. As a dedicated member of the initiative's directorial team and committee, David has worked tirelessly to create a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals seeking assistance. Through his efforts, he has helped raise awareness, facilitate discussions, and foster a sense of belonging within the Lads & Dads community.

David Heyburn's MBE award not only celebrates his outstanding services to NHS Wales but also highlights the value of combining professional expertise with a commitment to mental well-being. His contributions for NHS Wales and his dedication to improving men's mental health through the Lads & Dads initiative showcase his versatility and commitment to making a positive impact.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to David for this well-deserved honour, and we eagerly anticipate the continued positive influence he will bring to both NHS Wales and the Lads & Dads community in the future. UBUNTU

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