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Lads & Dads Welcomes New Committee Member

Bridgend-based men's mental wellbeing group has welcomed Ian Hamer-Davies on to their list of committee members.

Ian is a father, husband, son, brother, school teacher, scientist, musician and outdoor enthusiast, but has committed those spare few moments during his hectic schedule to maintaining the ethos and standards that Lads & Dads has set.

After experiencing the effects of alcoholism and embarking on a journey through hell a few years ago, he was lucky enough to have found help and now lives a life of happiness and gratitude; learning to love what he has and is no longer yearning for more.

"At one point I nearly lost it all; family, job, and possibly my life, but I couldn't imagine life without my safety net and best friend - alcohol. Although it was tough at first, 6 months after quitting the booze, I discovered the comfort it provided was an illusion and had been a significant factor in my mental health deterioration", explained Ian.

He is now a very strong advocate for making use of activity in the great outdoors to stimulate the body's natural mood and mental health biochemistry.

Ian is happy for any of our members to contact him via the group for any advice on alcohol/drug addition, cold-water therapy and open-water swimming.

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